Tuesday, 19 September 2017

WALT: sell products

                                                         Smiggle pen rulz.
IMG_0790.JPGYou're in luck because this objects is an extremely cool, blue pen.  It’s colour shines gloriously in the sun like the ocean.This amazing pen is a hundred times better than a dull, normal blue pen. Do you know why? Well look at this uncomfortable pen. Does it have a ruler like the amazing pen? Don’t you hate it when you really need a ruler but all you have is a pen. It’s so frustrating. Once while doing my maths homework I couldn’t find my ruler because I left my ruler at school. “Ugh”. I was so angry at myself.Sonny bill Williams and Taylor swift were the first ones to use this magnificent pen. It is the pen of your dreams. Buy one! Get one free!

Sunday, 3 September 2017

WALT: create an iMovie trailer to promote the story.

I like the way how I haven't given away the whole story just the main parts,
Next time I need to make sure I take the pictures properly and clearly.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

WALT: to show how bees make honey

I  like the way I explained really well may be next time i can up level some words

WALT: tell differences between bees and wasps.

WALT: to use descriptive language

 The mysterious creature

Sailing through the pleasant sky I was waiting anxiously for someone to come rescue me. Suddenly a clopping  noise gets my attention. Looking up I see a gigantic splendid white creature.  With his powerful muscles, he flies gracefully in the sky, surrounded by the white and grey, fluffy clouds which are like cotton candy floating across the sky. The eyes of the creature were huge and hazel as they shone beautifully in the sun. His large teeth were as white as whipped cream and his body was bright white like a beautiful unicorn. Down his neck flowed his soft black mane. His nose was long. As he came closer I lifted up my hands to protect myself but the gentle horse just continued to sail right past me.

I like the way you used different describing words.
Next time you should make sure your sentences make sense.  By Sameera

Well done Sahar, I like that you are trying to use more interesting vocab in your writing, just be careful that you know what each word means. Great use of adjectives and sentence starters!!