Thursday, 28 September 2017

WALT: write a letter to prime minster.

Halsey Drive School
106 Halsey Drive
Rt Hon Bill English/Jacinda Ardern      Auckland
Prime Minister          1042
Freepost Parliament
Private Bag 18 888
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

Thursday 21st September 2017

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulation! on your successful campaign in 2017. Our class has been discussing  some of the key issues in your campaign. Sorry to say but we think you have missed one important issue in your debate. I strongly believe that the voting age should be decreased  from 18 years to 16 years. I believe you hold the maturity of elected representation and can convince them to consider this proposal and make appropriate changes.

Without a doubt I believe that 16 years old should be allowed to vote because they can see the future ahead of us. I know some people will declare  that 16 year olds are to politically uneducated but I certainly believe that 16 year old are more globally aware than generations before them. Unlike previous generation 16 years old are also better at using IT. This means they have better access to in formation.

I believe 16 year olds are should be allowed  to vote. After All  I hope  that you take an  action and make  New Zealand a better place for people to live in.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

WALT: use creative language

    My Phizz-Whizzing Dream
 This Phizzwizzards is about I is having brakfust as my parents start yelling ‘Your fluffy cute noisy dog is turning  into pretty unicorn with two round eyes with no teth. Fathery body which is as fluffy as cotton candy. The tail is as white as whipped cream and have some red dots on it that reminds my parents of splashes of blood’. Coming mom I reply.’ Wow I exclaimed!. My eyes couldn't believe it after what I noticed. Whoopsy wiffling. This is the perfect and Gloriumptious
dream for me.

By Sahar

WALT:create dream jars

WALT: write for appropriate age

WALT: use present tense to describe moment in time

On my way to work

As I stand on the pavement waiting for the crossing light to change…
“Come on, come on…” I mutter while I wait for the lights to change…
“Morning Bob,” came the deep rumbling voice from beside me..

“Come on, come on…” I mutter while I wait for the lights to change. Suddenly i hear a  strange sound coming beside me and all of sudden a huge shadow reflected on the road.  “Morning Bob,” came the deep rumbling voice from beside me. I anxiously looked beside me as i first saw furry legs. My voice suddenly became squeaky as i reply good morning. I was wondering if he works the same place as i do. I ignored and waited for the signal lights to change. Quickly the light changed and i rushed my way to work.

Amelia:. Well done Sahar i liked how you described your story very well and you did an amazing job trying to write it in present tense.
Next time make sure to re-read you work because you mix a few words around.

WALT: use description to tell moment in time

Holding my breath…
My body trembles with nervous energy as I wait for the ruby diamond. People are surrounding me with cameras. I don’t have a camera. All I can do is hold both  my hands tightly to see this instant.  
Suddenly slowly the curtains open and i am thinking my wish is coming true. “Come on, come on… curtains ,quickly open,” I start to mutter to myself.
FInally the curtains open and in front of me is the precious diamond . I freeze for moment as soon as i see the diamond. AS the flashing and the cameras snapping noise echo in my ear. I come back to life as i say to myself my dreams are coming true.

                                   By Sahar

WALT: use correct narrative structure

                              Freezy fridge

Harry whale's heart was thumping in excitement as soon as his parents told him we're going to buy a new fridge. His jet black curly hair  flowed in the air he was thrilled. Wow exclaimed Harry. He couldn't believe that his parents were finally buying a new fridge after so long he had  missed eating chocolate and icecreams racing quickly to the car he put on his seatbelt. His parents were hoping it wasn't to expensive and were taking time to come to the car. Tired of waiting, Harry yelled and finally his parents got in the car.
Image result for image of a family in a car cartoonImage result for a boy with jet black curly hair cartoon

The drive to leeming noel took 30 minutes. Finally the car stopped. He was enthusiastic because he knew he had arrived to his destination. He unclipped his seatbelt and jumped out of his parents car. Harry took his first step and he stretched his hand to open the leeming noel door. He ran in and started touching tablets, TV’s, IPads, Computers and much more. Suddenly his eyes went on a board which said $1000 and next to it was a crimson coloured fridge. Harry cautiously reaches to open the fridge…..

Image result for cartoon red fridge

As soon as the door opens, Harry felt a push on his back like a person had shoved him. He falls in slow motion, loosing his balance. All of a sudden he flies quickly into the fridge. When Harry wakes up, he is lying on the floor in the middle of a snowplanet. Looking around he sees the trays of the fridge were stacked like mountains which were  covered in snow.  A sweet smell filled the air, Harry took a deep breath. It smelt like Ice cream. Touching the snow, Harry realised he was actually lying in ice cream. Suddenly, Harry heard the wind start to blow harder and the clouds were moving much quicker. Harry knew a blizzard was coming. The black and white magpies were circling in the sky above him waiting for the  blizzard weather.
Image result for cartoon snow planetImage result for cartoon magpies

Harry was shocked as he started to shiver and worry about how he would get home.  He decided that he needed to keep moving, standing up he began to explore this strange place. Swish swish Somewhere up ahead, he heard water flowing so he started to follow the sounds. Finally he arrived at his destination, it was a stream with kayaks and without thinking Harry quickly jumped in the closest one. He remembered his dad teaching him how to kayak. Harry started paddling like his dad taught him. After paddling for half an hour, he finally reached a dark and gloomy place. In front of him was a refrigerator door with sign which said ‘Hope you enjoyed, you may now take your exit’.  Carefully opening the door Harry felt another shove at his back. He finally entered his world where Harry sees his mum and dad.They were asking how about this fridge harry.

Image result for exit sign